Choosing the best windows hosting service

With windows hosting your needs isn’t exactly hard to find. Of course, for all the firms out there that bill themselves as the best Windows service provider, few actually make the grade, and deliver a set of features and capabilities that are worth checking out.

This is not to say that there aren’t any reputable Windows-based hosting services out there. On the contrary, some of the best hosting firms in the business use the Windows platform, mainly due to its stellar combination of power, flexibility, and compatibility with a broad range of systems. However, you do have to do a fair amount of research and comparison testing in order to find a reliable Windows hosting service for your needs.

We’re going to leave the tips in how to find the quality windows hosting for other articles. Instead, this article will focus on the benefits you can gain with the best Windows packages, in the hopes of convincing you to give the platform a closer look.

If you want to set up your website with .net or Visual Basic, Windows isn’t only the best hosting option to consider; it really is the only choice. Other hosting platforms–such as Unix, for example–won’t even work with these languages at all, so the Windows hosting plan is really your best bet.

The Ability to Use Front Page Extensions

Another good reason to go with the Windows system is you can find extensions. By using the Windows platform for your web hosting, you will be able to make use of the many helpful extensions that come with Front Page, which is a definite advantage for web hosting purposes.

Anyone who is familiar with the Windows operating system–which is pretty much everyone, really–also should have no trouble getting up to speed with Windows hosting. The fact that most users wouldn’t have to learn a new language just makes the transition to the Windows hosting that much quicker.

.ASP and Dynamically Database Driven Pages

Another good reason to choose Windows system is, the platform is the most ideally suited for the scripting language. In fact, even if you are already currently running a UNIX system, you may still want to consider moving over to Windows for its .ASP capabilities.

One of the most common tasks is collecting data from an Access database. If you have a need to do this–as you likely will–the best Windows hosting service will definitely make your life much easier. With its ability to easily integrate Access databases, Windows is definitely the best platform for the job.


The best Windows hosting will be able to offer you significant development benefits. With a Unix-based system, your ability to develop Windows based applications is basically non existent, so you would be better off going with the best Windows hosting platform you can find if you want to use Windows programs to develop your own applications.