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Introduction To cPanel Web Hosting

There are countless Cpanel web hosting service providers on the internet.Each of these cpanel hosting presents its own up’s and down’s. Recommended Top Cpanel Hosting, Cheap Cpanel Hosting, Best Cpanel Hosting and Reliable Cpanel Hosting

Web hosting, as the name suggests is a method of hosting the web or more precisely is a method of hosting a website through the web (World Wide Web). Every website in this World Wide Web is hosted with a specific type of webhosting provided by a web host. This writing will majorly serve as an introduction to thisservice. Now what is cPanel? This is simply a control panel that is a provider of automation tools and a interface of graphical type. cPanel is primarily based on Unix. It is basically used to simplify the process of website hosting as a whole. It provides functionality to all the users of namely Administrators, Resellers and also the end users. A standard web browser is used for simplification.

It also has in its bag an API based access which allows developers, web hosts, and third party vendors to automate administration processes of the system. It has support for three operating systems at present. They are Red Hat Linux, CentOS and FreeBSD. However the widely used operating system viz. Windows also has a version of cPanel for itself. The cPanel which supports Windows Server 2008 64-bit version is known as Enkompass. cPanel can function as a dedicated server or as a private server of the virtual type.

C-Panel is of utmost importance to all the individuals interacting with web hosting. they provides support as well as functionality for efficient outlook of the website. primarily used for front end operations and customization. It also provides the feature of auto installations. This can be enjoyed with the help of Auto Installer add-ons. This add-on is used to automate the installation process of web applications which include Drupal, WordPress, Joomla!, SMF, Moodle etcetera.This also takes care of specific packages of software and their necessary updating.Given the responsibility of keeping softwares like MySQL, PHP, Apache up to date. Another important feature is Web Host Manager (WHM). This is primarily used by administrators and resellers for efficient management of your accounts on a server. Reseller users are also given the privilege to use WHM, but to a lesser extent. They are only allowed to use those features which the reseller feels might help them in their activities.

The industry is a booming and it is expanding with passing time. This is primarily because the number of websites is increasing. So, for an efficient hosting of your website cPanel is of utmost importance. Having this system on board lightens the effort on the user’s part. With outlook of a website becoming an important weapon to attract users, this is the tool to have. All these features being supported, it has become an integral part of web hosting and is among the must haves category. So, given an introduction to cPanel web bosting here, I will advise you all to go for a cPanel when choosing the necessary web host for your website.