RankWeb HostPriceDisk SpaceBandwidthDomainRating
5$199.95 UnlimitedUnlimited1and1Dedicated
6$199.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedCoolhandleDedicated
1$210.45 unlimitedunlimitedLunarpagesDedicated
2$229.95 unlimitedunlimitedInmotionDedicated
3$79.45 UnlimitedUnlimitedHeartinternetDedicated
4$133.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedServerprontoDedicated
7$149.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedFasthostsDedicated
8$179.65 UnlimitedUnlimitedHostnineDedicated
9$122.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedCoderoDedicated
10$138.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedGodaddyDedicated

Introduction To Dedicated Server WebHosting

There are countless Dedicated server web hosting providers on the internet.Each of these dedicated server providers presents its own up’s and down’s. Recommended Top Dedicated Server Hosting, Cheap Dedicated Hosting, Best Dedicated Hosting and Reliable Dedicated Hosting For any one who is looking to launch a website on the Internet, hosting is one of the main concerns. And dedicated server hosting is one of the best options to consider for a number of reasons.

A dedicated server is basically single computer connected to a web-hosting network. Each of these units is leased or rented to a single client, with the hosting provider monitors being tasked with the monitoring of the hardware, ensuring and maintaining the connectivity of the network, and the upkeep of the routing equipment. In this type of arrangement, the client is generally responsible for controlling and maintaining the software used by the server.

Dedicated packages are essentially the next step up from the typical plans, since they provide a lot more space and bandwidth. They are also ideally suited for clients that need to have an absolutely secure and robust website, along with the specific security and performance requirements that free hosting and shared services are simply not able to provide.

Dedicated servers are typically housed in data centers. This setup allows the company to monitor the servers constantly, and be able to perform any maintenance or repair work as needed. In addition, the way that a dedicated server system is organized also allows for more resources and a greater degree of control available to the client. In such a system, the customer has the ability to install whatever software they want to use, and this results in a lot more flexibility with regard to setting up administrative options. Dedicated clients also do not have to share resources with other clients, as is the case with shared hosting plans. This means that customers of dedicated packages have a lot more resources available for their needs at all times.

Among the most important considerations to keep in mind when looking for dedicated server packages are the operating system used, the hardware options offered, and the space and bandwidth available.

The operating system used in a server is actually quite similar to that used in a typical personal computer. Among the most commonly used operating systems are variants of Linux-based and Windows-based system.

As for the hardware, you will have to make certain that the server’s processor is suitable to the task. You will also have to make sure that you have sufficient memory, and that you have enough hard drive space for all your needs. The amount of bandwidth you get is also an important consideration.