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4$15.95 unlimitedunlimitedHostpapaReseller
5$23.95 unlimitedunlimitedSite5Reseller
7$19.95 unlimitedunlimitedArvixeReseller
10$19.95 unlimitedunlimitedEleven2Reseller
1$19.95 unlimitedunlimitedHostgatorReseller
2$19.45 unlimitedunlimitedCoolhandleReseller
3$9.87 unlimitedunlimitedMochahostReseller
6$19.95 unlimitedunlimitedJusthostReseller
8$5.95 unlimitedunlimitedLunarpagesReseller
9$14.95 unlimitedunlimitedSteadfastReseller

Introduction To Reseller Website Hosting

There are countless Reseller web hosting service providers on the internet.Each of these reseller hosting presents its own up’s and down’s. Recommended Top Reseller Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting, Best Reseller Hosting and Reliable Reseller Hosting

Almost everyone of us are accustomed with Internet and websites. However have we ever given a thought about how these websites, which we regularly visit, works? Not many of us, isn’t it? Websites are run using a service called web hosting. This is simply a method of hosting a website. It makes a website available and accessible through the internet or World Wide Web (www). The organization which provides this service is known as a Web Host. They provide the clients certain space on their server and the internet connectivity too. An important type of web hosting is Reseller plan. The following writing will majorly serve as an introduction to reseller web hosting for those who are new in this domain.

This is the type of hosting in which the holder of the account can further use their space on the allotted space to host websites for third parties. The individuals who are into reseller business are known as resellers. They act more or less as middlemen by buying hosting services from web hosts and then again selling it to other customers who are in need of it. There are different types of servers available to be used for website hosting. A dedicated server, as the name suggests, is one which can be used dedicatedly for any one service. Dedicated servers are sometimes used in reseller hosting. In this process, the webmasters rents the dedicated server which he or she bought from the web host, to other customers. Shared hosting is widely used in platform. In shared hosting, only a specific part of the space or bandwidth can be allotted by the reseller to other customers. It should be kept in mind that, in shared hosting the webmasters cannot rent out the whole server to its customers. Now the question is which reselling is better? The answer is it is all based upon the requirements. If the requirements are huge and requires huge amount of bandwidth then it is better to go with dedicated servers and vice versa.

Reseller Hosting is gaining huge acclamation worldwide. This is primarily due to its non expensiveness and profitability. Most Hosting provides flexibility to the users to customize their own plans and sometimes, also to choose their own pricing. With these, the users are relieved of any extra overhead which are present in other types of webpage hosting. Moreover, it does not require one to be a geek or an expert in technology to use reseller platform. The data centre itself is responsible for managing the network and its anomalies, if any. Resellers are also relieved from any types of hardware software or network complaints and these problems are simply routed to the server provider. However, resellers should be able enough to handle simple queries, if any, from his or her customers. Failing to do so, can result in huge loss of business thereby making it a failure. So, it is advisable to go for resellerhosting after making thorough investigation of the reseller.

Hope this would be a guide to the newbie out there and stand as an efficient introduction to reseller website hosting.