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5$69.45 UnlimitedUnlimitedCoolhandleVPS
6$54.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedIxwebhostingVPS
8$49.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedLunarpagesVPS
1$74.95 unlimitedunlimitedInmotionVPS
2$59.95 unlimitedunlimited1and1VPS
3$41.45 UnlimitedUnlimitedMyhostingVPS
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7$24.95 UnlimitedUnlimitedPandelaVPS
9$49.45 UnlimitedUnlimitedUltrahostingVPS
10$49.75 UnlimitedUnlimitedDotsterVPS

Introduction To VPS Web Hosting

There are countless vps web hosting providers on the internet.Each of these vps web hosting companies presents its own up’s and down’s. Recommended Top VPS Hosting,Cheap VPS Hosting,Best VPS Hosting and Affordable VPS Hosting

One of the most feasible alternatives to shared hosting in recent years is cheap vps servers In general, such plans provide users with a lot more features and advantages than shared packages, making them some of the most sought after options on the Internet.

There was a time not so long ago when shared packages  was the only real option for clients who could not afford to have purchase and maintain their own servers. Unfortunately, many shared plans came with certain drawbacks, the most significant of which were poor security and unreliable website performance resulting from the server being shared by other websites. It is precisely these issues surrounding shared hosting that VPS addressed so adequately.

In most cases, VPS is just as reliable as dedicated servers with regard to services and features. At the same time, VPS hosting also entailed much lower costs. For these reasons, VPS has become the hosting alternative of choice for a growing number of users from all over the world.

VPS providers utilize a virtual server, which is divided among several different websites. Unlike shared hosting however, each of these sites have their own operating system, allowing easy individual configuration without affecting the other sites. This results in better performance and increased security over shared hosting arrangements.

In terms of security, VPS servers is a particularly more airtight solution than shared hosting, which has a significant drawback in that it provides server access to many different accounts. The issue here is that any problem that occurs with any single accounts may adversely affect the performance of the entire server. With the VPS platform on the other hand, all accounts are kept entirely independent of the others, reducing the risk that a security breach with one client will affect all the other clients.

VPS website hosting also generally has a much lower occurrence of hardware and software related technical problems than shared options. For one thing, the system is far less prone to bottlenecks caused by excessive traffic on other website, since only the site in question will be affected.

Finally, VPS packages also allows you to specify additional features and services as necessary, basically allowing you to custom tailor your web hosting plan to suit your specific needs. Although such plans are usually priced higher than shared hosting plans, the added benefits will make up for the cost in the long run.