10 Tips To Write Articles Faster And Get Them Accepted

One of the convenient ways to earn an income from your home is to write articles for requesters through selected websites. If you have a penchant for putting words into paper-sorry, keyboards-you can write them within the stipulated time allotted for the article. The time allocation for each article depends upon the number of words that comprises the article. But however the faster you write and submit an article, you can go on to select another article to write and increase your earning per day. What are the ways that will help you to write an acceptable level article within the shortest time? Let us contemplate some important ones.

1 Keyword(s): The requester wants an article written around a keyword(s) which will help more traffic to their websites. After all that is the very idea what the article should help the requester in the first place. See that the keyword is used exactly given in the request so that there is a better chance of your article to get acceptance.

2 Length: pay attention about the length of the article to be written. If a requester wants the article to be in 300 words, plan your article to have a maximum 325 to 350 words. Thus you will be saving lot of time than diluting it to 400 or 450 words.

3 Split: Give a brief introduction for what the article is about in the first paragraph. The body of the article can be split into another three paragraphs and give a closing to the article in another paragraph. When they are split like that the layout of the article will give a good impression to the requester while reviewing and the first impression being a positive one you increase your chance of getting accepted.

4 Rely your Strength: Accept articles that you are comfortable to work with. Of course you can resource the content from websites, but that take lot of time to understand and putting them in your own words. When you are working on articles which you are familiar with the thought process will be easy and words will come in an easy flow. In the haste of accepting articles do not venture into an unknown territory.

5 Know your customer: There are difference in the way a word is spelt in UK and USA. It is ‘color’ in USA where as you spell c o l o u r in UK. ‘Favour ‘in UK will become Favor in USA. The letter ‘s’ in words like utilise and familiarise will be replaced by ‘z’ in USA. The idea is to know whom we are writing about. You can make a fair judgment by looking carefully the words are spelled in the instructions and special instructions. A little experience in writing articles will help you to know the better.

6 Font: Do not go in for fancy fonts, when you paste them later for the requester, chances are that they become non readable. Go in for some ordinary fonts like Arial or Calibri.

7 Internet: Have a reliable internet connection and a second one from a different service provide as a backup. Do not get pushed into a situation where in a fine article you have written cannot be uploaded because of a failed connection.

8 Distraction: Choose you time to work on articles. Do not get distracted by surrounding noise or pestering from somebody nearby. If you are comfortable working in the late hours makes that a habit so that help to have free flow of your thought into words.

9 Simple: If you have a thesaurus in home, fine, keep it safe. Use words that are simple to understand. The requesters look for article with some simple words where common man can understand them well.

10. Spell check: Run your article through a review for spelling and grammar and correct them with suggestions wherever necessary. Once the review is complete then you can submit the article for acceptance.

Even after some special attention, chances are that the requester wants something different in an article. Sometimes they give a special message for the writer for some minor corrections. Attend to them and resubmit the article.

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