7 Bizarre Ways Cheap VPS Hosting Can Kill You Suddenly

The truth is that everybody is on a budget and looking to save their hard earned cash as much as they possibly can. And nobody can deny the fact that there are certain advantages in using cheap vps (virtual private servers) hosting.

Still VPS hosting can kill you very suddenly and without any warning and so it is a good idea that even as you insist on taking the risks you get a good idea about some of the things that can go badly wrong for you.

i) No managed servers, so what happens?


Cheap VPS means that there is no way you will get managed servers. And so you will have to set up and configure your own VPS. What if you do not know how to do this on your own? What is the extra cost of getting somebody who can? Or if you will insist on doing it yourself and learning as you go along, have you carefully considered all the risks that you are exposing yourself to?

ii) Security lapses can kill you instantly


We live in an extremely dangerous world. And so you will know that the security lapses that result from not having a fully managed server can kill you pretty quickly and instantly at that.

iii) Limited RAM


One of the characteristics of cheap VPS solutions is that you will end up with limited RAM at the server. What happens if you need nothing less than high performance in running your programs? Death could come fairly instantly if you discover this a little late in the game.

iv) Limited server Disk space


There are many folks who make decisions concerning the VPS solution before they have finalized a number of other small details and other details too that might not be small. You can imagine a typical situation where you suddenly wake up to the fact that you need much more server disk space than what is available, what next?

v) Limited central processing time


Central processing time is the kind of thing that can easily make or kill a website. Nobody wants to wait for anything on the World Wide Web where the choices and alternatives are almost always unlimited.

vi) Yes you have the skills, but what happens if you fall sick at the wrong time?


But maybe you are the kind of guy who has all the skills and so you can easily set up things almost with your eyes closed. That is great except if some serious issues come up when you are seriously ill or incapacitated is some way or simple not within  easy reach to fix things. What happens then?

vii) Dangers of relying on too many people and too many variables


To sum it all up, the biggest life-threatening danger is going for cheap VPS hosting solutions is that you will be leaving way too much to chance. This is because you will either need to rely on too many other people to make sure that things run smoothly for you. People who have the skills you don’t have to go for this cheap solution that can suddenly and without any warning turn  out to be the most expensive you ever imagined to you and your web solutions. In other words your success in your online business is pegged on way too many variables that could easily go badly wrong for you.

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