Fatcow Review – A Great Green Web Hosting Company

FatCow review founded in 1998 It provides its services through two data centers located in Massachusetts and offers affordable shared hosting solutions. Moreover, it is a company committed to the environment because its offices and two data centers use 100% wind energy for power supply.

The philosophy of this company is to provide a simple shared hosting plan that suits the needs of all its customers at very affordable prices. Their success and growth since 1998 confirms that customers are happy with them. Although the brand name and logo seem somewhat comical, their services are very professional.Here is a brief Review to let you know more about the company.

Pricing FatCow:
Their basic plan costs $3.67 per month on a three-year contract, but there is also an option of hiring them for a year on a monthly payment of $5.50. This plan includes the most competitive features like storage, unlimited bandwidth and the ability to create unlimited MySQL databases and email accounts. It also offers a free domain name, includes a free website builder and various e-commerce applications.
In addition to MySQL and FrontPage extensions, it supports programming languages like PHP, CGI and Python, among others. It offers a long list of additional accessories like a $125 voucher to spend on advertising on Google Adwords and Yahoo, a money back guarantee at any time and a technical customer support throughout the year.

Reliability and performance:
The two Fatcow data centers use advanced technology to deliver good performance. FatCow has a joint installation of servers where virtually any server in the group can access customer files and send the requested data. This way, it gets the best performance and ensures that the data load is balanced across the sectors.
The data security is constant all the time and trained staff supervises FatCow servers. They also have emergency power backup in the event of a power outage. This will ensure that all websites operate continuously without interruption. Also, a group of backup servers with a RAID system stores all data on multiple hard drives.

Control panel:
The control panel is self-developed and contains a variety of options needed to manage all account details. FatCow has a control panel whose development itself is intuitive and easy to understand. All management tasks are performed with ease. With this control panel you can manage all aspects of the hosting account as small icons indicate the status of different characteristics of web hosting contract. Moreover, you can see the statistics at any time in the sidebar.

FatCow Support:
FatCow’s technical assistance is based on a series of promises including promise to always be kind, be fully trained and respond to phone calls in less than 2 minutes. These standards are much more competitive than standard models that exist in modern industry of web hosting.

This support is provided 24 hours a day, for the entire year through a free service. On the other hand, they offer a live chat platform. Mail requests submitted on their website are answered within 24 hours.

This FatCow review amply reveals that it is a friendly, affordable, professional and green web hosting company. Their hosting plan is complete and shared hosting provides everything you ask from a professional website. FatCow’s technical infrastructure is one of the best in the industry due to its two data centers with multiple Internet connections which ensure good performance and excellent stability in balancing the data load

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