HostGator Joins Google in USA & India

Great News Hostgator web hosting Joins Google in India with hosting service

In an amazing and heart warming move, HostGator and Google have announced a new partnership whereby they are offering free web hosting to 500,000 SMBs in India. This far-sighted and generous move by these major players in their industries is a good demonstration of capitalism and competition at its best. This is an aggressive tactic which is not limited by short-term profit considerations.

qualifying Indian businesses will able to apply for one of these free websites. The offer includes free web hosting for a year, after which a nominal fee would be payable, although the website could be discontinued sooner if the business so chooses. 

The .in domain name is also free for the first year, after which a nominal annual fee would apply.

This is not all that is included in the offer. Excellent and simple easy-to-use tools to help the businesses are also offered free of charge and the first year of support from HostGator through toll-free call centers is also free. In addition, training and other resources as well as free support in setting-up and maintaining the website is offered. There will also be integration with some social networking sites and some free advertising is offered by Google

The motivation is that it will give these two proactive companies a jump start into a potentially lucrative market. It is estimated that there are at least 8,000,00 businesses which qualify, of which only a small proportion currently have websites. Getting these online will help to display the benefits a business can enjoy from being on the web and will ultimately drive more of the businesse to get into the wider arena. It may well be that their offerings only have a local appeal but perhaps there is a wider market, especially for items such as clothing and jewelry. Experience is needed as to what the goods are with the most international appeal.

The partners must be doing this in expectation of additional business and the long-term benefits. In addition there will be immediate advertising revenue. But of course there is massive visibility and PR value, although they are already well known, but not by Indian SMBs?

The two might also be looking at similar projects in other suitable countries. But the main justification must lie in the sheer size of the potential market.

Payment and delivery have not been clearly specified, but there are surely other suppliers who would be eager to assist in this regard. Delivery of the goods would probably be a particular concern of potential customers for these sites, as they are not experienced nor equipped for this type of market

It does seem that everybody concerned will benefit from this move, not least the international consumers who will have access to more interesting goods which were not easily available previously. It will be interesting to see what will actually be available and to what extent this will stimulate innovation among the businesses, many of which at present mainly traditional in their wares. A very positive move during a time of economic downturn.

All in all, this is a good move and we applaud it. We look forward to further developments this may provoke among competitors.

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