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Below you will find resourceful information on how to install joomla on web host in a simply and easy way. First you need to understand that there are different versions where you can choose the one you feel will work best for you. After choosing this the steps will help you continue with the process include:

1.Decide whether it will be installed to a subdirectory or a subdomain. Create the folder you have chosen. When working with an Addon domain makes sure the folder is created on the Cpanel account to install Joomla effectively.

2.The second step is to download the Joomla version you want to work with. This can easily be found online and all you have to do is follow the instructions found here.

3.Next you can either use FTP program or the cPanel file manager to upload the Joomla package you had previously downloaded. Don’t forget to use the folder that you had chosen to place it in as this helps to make the process much easier.

4.Use the cPanel file manager to choose the Joomla package. Select the extract option when you right click on it. This helps to unpack the files. It is recommended that you keep all the files in one folder for ease of management. Click on the close button once the process has been completed.

5.From here, you are supposed to create a MySQL user and database. While on this, be sure to note down the database user, name as well as the password that has been created.

6.When you are done with this, the next step is to run the script for installation. Navigate to the folder where the unpacked folders were stored in the in the installation directory on your browser. This will bring up a couple of commands where you are supposed to choose the language and carry out a pre- installation check. From here review the license requirements that the Joomla package is in. This will take you to the database command where you are supposed to choose the type, host name, username, password, database name and table prefix. After this is done you need to handle the FTP configuration as well as the main configuration. Fill out all the correct details that apply to the installation. Always use your correct email address. The last step here is to finish the process by deleting the installation folder which is done from the server. This is done to protect the site.

7.You will get a notification that the folder has been successfully removed. Navigate to the administrator log in page. Before you log in however you should also delete the folder where the Joomla package was uploaded before. All you have to do is click on it and then you can delete.

8.After successfully deleting the folder, you are done with all the steps how to install joomla on web host. This means that you can proceed to log into the Joomla administrator area. This will give you the leeway needed to start developing your brand new site.

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