Iwriter Review: Why It Is The Best Place To Get Original Articles

Iwriter review During recent years the world of online business has grown exponentially with an innumerable amount of online merchants each looking to get their share of the market. However, what most people realized quite fast is that content will always remain king, and when you are advertising through a website the main form of communication with your audience comes in the form of writing. As it happens though, many people either do not have the time, the will or the skill to write press releases,blog posts and product reviews for their websites. As a result, this created a demand for a new profession: online ghost writers.

These online ghost writers would be hired by people who needed content for their website, and as it turned out it was a business which benefitted both ends: the writer would get paid with some quick money while the marketer would have high-quality content. Needless to say, this business caught on like wildfire and a surprising number of people out there turned out to have quite a knack for writing. However, in its early days the business was somewhat chaotic as there were few places where writers could actually find work to do, and it is at that point that websites such as Iwriter were created.

These websites made use of a very innovative approach to this business by first having the requesters post the articles which they needed written. In order to do that, the requesters have to place money in escrow. There is no bidding war as is the case on some websites, as writers simply look through the projects which interest them, write them, and then get paid if the requester approves of the article. While there are many such websites out there none have evolved as far as Iwriter has, and there are quite a few reasons as to why Iwriter is the best place to get original articles.

First of all, Iwriter has become quite popular with there being hundreds of writers and requesters out there. Second of all, they have implemented a rating system where there are three ranks of writers: standard, premium and elite. Writers achieve these rankings through the ratings left by the requesters for the projects they have written. Of course, the difference between the different writer levels lies in the price, meaning requesting elite articles cost more than premium ones, which in turn cost more than standard ones.

If you want to hire a specific writer you can absolutely do that, not to mention that there is a list of the most prolific and the highest-rated writers from which you can choose. Naturally, you can look at the ratings of those writers to see what other requesters thought of them.

To get a bit more technical, you can place orders on articles which have a length of 150, 300, 500, 700 or 1000 words. You have the possibility of including special instructions and have the article written any way you want it to.

All things said, Iwriter.com is a website which allows you to order high-quality articles any way you want them from some of the top online ghost writers out there, and that is why Iwriter is the best place to get original articles for whatever your purpose may be even an iwriter review article.

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