Limitation OF Shared Web Hosting Company

An individual, a small business or a company starting out on the Web is most likely host a website with one of the top 10 web hosting service providers, probably after going through web hosting reviews. However, the most common way for start-ups are shared web hosting plans since these are affordable and the providers offer ample space and bandwidth too.

These plans are often seen to be convenient since the service provider manages the hosting and also provides support on technical and other matters. However, as a website grows, the limitations of shared web hosting over VPS web hosting or dedicated server web hosting start becoming evident. Therefore, before going in for such plans it is wise to relook at one’s requirements, assess the present and possible growth in the future and only select a plan that will be conducive to business. A few limitations of shared web hosting are:

  1. Offers of ‘unlimited’ bandwidth and ‘unlimited’ storage should be examined carefully. In order to sell to maximum number of clients, all resources on the server are shared and CPU, hard disk, RAM as well as all resources are allocated and limited for each site that is hosted. So, if there is heavy traffic on the server to any client’s site, your website could end up experiencing problems too. This, in turn, will affect the traffic to your site.
  2. Unlimited storage and inodes are inter-related and exceeding inodes set by the web hosting service would invite extra charges. If the server hard disk is already crowded, then getting extra hosting space may become difficult. Similarly, if your site is visited often and has heavy graphics, then bandwidth limits will be exceeded and you could end up paying for the excess used. Over a period of time, this could equal charges comparable to a VPS or dedicated web hosting. Resource constraints will slow down your website.
  3. Security features can be poor on shared web hosting as compared to VPS web hosting or a dedicated server web hosting. So, if you are hosting a shopping site or one that involves sharing of sensitive data, shared web hosting make could the site in question vulnerable to virus attack or to hackers.
  4. Since control is in the hands of the service provider, you may not be able to install your own software and customize the site to suit your requirements. You may have to make a request to the hosting provider for each and every requirement; and there is no guarantee they will accede to all your requests.

Finally, when your website grows, a VPS web hosting service becomes a better alternative since it offers a higher bandwidth and space. In addition, resources allocated do not conflict with other sites; plus you get the flexibility to install your own software. As you step up, a dedicated server web hosting is where you are likely to eventually go with total control given to you – to manage the server and remain unaffected by issues that hamper shared web hosting.

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