Linux Hosting vs Windows Hosting-Major Differences

It is only recently that the differences between Linux web hosting services and those of Windows have reduced drastically. Even a few years ago, the server hosting services of these two operating systems were very different.

Linux hosting vs Windows hosting : security

It is a common belief that Windows servers are more vulnerable than their Linux counterparts. The main reason for this belief is due to manner in which the security issues are dealt in both the operating systems. Since Linux is free and open to a large population of programmers, its security loopholes and flaws can be corrected and update much faster. On the other hand, in case of Windows, the security defects are corrected only by releasing patches or upgraded service packs. These processes are much more time consuming when compared to that of Linux. It will be incorrect to say that one has no security issues while the other doesn’t. The only difference if how the flaws are corrected in both the operating systems. Ultimately, it all comes down to the security of the hosting service at the administration level rather than the operating system level. If the servers are being managed by administrators with good knowledge, then irrespective of which operating system is used, the servers would be highly secured. 

Linux hosting vs windows hosting: Accessing the server

The manner in which both Linux and Windows servers are accessed is one of the primary differences between the two types of hosting services. While both allow access to the server using FTP, it is only Linux that allows hosting access. This means Linux allows remote access to the even the critical areas of the server and also offers advanced controls. The Linux systems are developed keeping the requirements of programmers and developers in mind. In comparison, Windows systems are designed considering the end users’ needs and skills.

Linux hosting vs windows hosting: Web Server and supported programming languages

The supported programming languages are quite different between Linux and Windows. On Linux systems, the most commonly offered web server is the Apache server. Apache is available but Windows systems too but is rarely used on Windows platform by most of the hosting companies. Windows system, on the other hand, offers the Internet Information Server, which is now commonly known as Internet Information Service or IIS. Linux platform is associated with Perl, CGI and PHP, where as Windows systems are associated primarily with ASP.NET and ColdFusion.

Apart from these major differences, the databases linked with the two operating systems are also different. While Linux uses MySQL server, Windows is associated with MS Access and SQL server.

Overall, the differences between the Linux and Windows web hosting features are not as wide as most people usually think. The most important fact is that both operating systems are capable of transferring information and content to the websites. Ultimately, it comes down to the customers or the programmers to decide, which platform meets all of their requirements and is able to deliver the desired results smoothly and without much glitches.

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