The Benefits Of Open Site Explorer

The Open Site Explorer is a back linking checking tool that is available with a great number of benefits. It is a valuable tool to keep in your SEO arsenal if you are looking to keep up with the latest and greatest in this market. This is a tool that should be high on your list of priorities for acquisition. A link building tool that is quickly becoming the go to SEO tool.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of this tool:

1) Listing of inbound links

2) Five site comparisons

3) Top anchor text is used

4) Top pages on site and with authority info and social media

5) Title, URL of linking page and anchor text

6) Simplistic and easy to use format

This can help you to generate some valuable reports that are easy to create. The reports also have the ability to be exported for further use at a later time. The site operates more like a search engine, making it easy to navigate and learn. The tool also claims to have 40 million URL’s indexed for use with this tool. The interface is logical and simple. There are tabs that help the navigation process along so that it is easy to find what you are looking for.

The tool also allows for impressive graphs and comparison. You can choose how you want the information laid out to make it easier to analyze. Using this online tool, you can get a complete analysis of how many links are coming into your site and from where they are coming. It is an impressive amount of information!

How To Get Started

To start seeing how useful this Site Explorer can be, what you just need to do is to visit the website and just simply key in a URL that you want to analyze. Then presto, you can already have the report which indicates the sites that are linked to the URL that you have provided.

What is great with this tool is that, you can even have detailed reports about the first few links that you will provide. Now, if you want to know a lot more of information, then there is a need to sign up and try their 30-day free trial. It is also good to note that, when you sign up for the trial version, you can also see how many Facebook likes or tweets that your site has.

While a great deal of this tool is free, you can pay to upgrade if you want additional functionality. They are nice enough to allow you to try it first for free before paying $99 a month for their upgrades. There is no reason not to check this amazing tool to get analysis for your domain names.

Again, the Open Site Explorer can provide you valuable and complete information about your domain names in just a click; this is why, it is regarded by many as an invaluable website marketing tool.

So, if you want to improve your online business, it is then recommended to try this amazing marketing resource.

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