The Price of Free Web Hosting Is Not Cheap

Some things don’t have a monetary price, but buyers still have a cost to pay, and one such example is free web hosting. The price of free webhosting is zero in terms of money, but users have to pay or sometimes suffer in other ways. The costs of web hosting have dropped down to a great extent and one can get a basic hosting package for just few dollars a month.

Problems with Free Hosting
Free website hosting services may restrict the number of visitors to a website, which is a big drawback as search engines give less importance to such websites. So, even if one puts in a lot of effort to optimize his site, it won’t be possible to reach the first search results page. Search engines are usually the best source to drive traffic to your site, and free webhosting eliminates this source. Having little traffic is just the beginning of problems. Some service providers don’t let you have your very own domain name and the allotted domain name is pretty long and unprofessional as it combines your company name and free host’s name. People do not like to visit websites that don’t have a proper domain name. Free webpage hosting services need to have a source of income for offering free services, and they resort to display advertisements for getting income. The hosting company has to please the advertiser and they place adverts at the best spots. You will have intrusive advertisements on the Log In page, and pay per click adverts as banners.

Why Web Hosting Services Charge?
High quality hosting services spend a lot of money to buy reliable equipment like computers and servers to assure maximum uptime. Servers and other equipment required to establish a good web hosting company may cost millions. On the other hand free web hosting services are usually less focused on reliability, which means that visitors to your website may either not be able to access it or the website will load slowly. If search engines find that your website is not working well they will remove you from their listings which will be a very big loss. In case you have been able to drag regular visitors to your site and the site goes offline for a long period, you will lose most of your valuable visitors. The support teams of free webhosting services are pretty lazy and you will have to face lot of stress. In the worst case you may even lose all your site data due to problems in the cheap servers used by free websitehosting services.

Economical Hosting Plans

Most web hosting companies have created basic packages that cost less than $10 a month and all basic services required by normal sites. These packages have specially been designed for people that are fed up from bad quality free services. Wise people go for well reputed hosting services that provide quality services. Using good hosting services is the only way to make sure that your website stays online for the maximum period of time and to get maximum traffic from search engines. So, the price of free hosting services is none, but it can cost you a lot in the long run.

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