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A web hosting service provides a steady and reliable income and in addition, there are excellent prospects for growth. It is a market that is crowded but is growing with each provider carving out a niche for himself. So, how does one start one’s own profitable web hosting service?

You can quickly be up and running if you have adequate finances and also familiarity with the latest software solutions and their pricing. This will allow you to manage your servers efficiently and provide reliable services to customers, which is the main pillar of any web hosting service business.

One must have thorough knowledge of the Windows-based solutions as well as the Linux-based ones. Then one must also have familiarity with security issues, firewalls and associated features to provide reliable services.

To provide adequately satisfactory services, it is normal to have a server dedicated to Linux, another to Windows-based services. You will have to create a control panel for your customers. Have your own website as a gateway for the clients to contact you. Be prepared to give total support at any time of the day – the ideal is a 24×7 support; and if you want to stick around in the space, you will eventually have to offer round-the-clock customer support.

Investment will be needed to maintain the servers and the support and pay for the salaries of employees. Without these basic requirements, as a service provider you are likely to encounter problems in the quality and level of service. If you are starting out on this business, it would make good sense to go in for dual-processor Pentium servers that work 24×7. These are expensive. However, you have the option of buying your own servers or leasing these dedicated servers from another hosting provider, who will provide the server and let you be responsible for its services and management.

As your business grows, you may not be able to manage it all on your own. It is always advisable to have a core team of people to handle all issues to the satisfaction of all clients. Employees are a must and selection of the right people ensures success.


  1. Register your company in your state in a business name instead of your personal name. Have a financial partner if you find his investment will be needed or arrange external financing.
  2. Hire office space and equip it with the future in mind.
  3. Buy or lease servers. You can buy Dell or Gateway or a branded server or lease from companies such as,, and so on. These will allocate a dedicate server, allot the bandwidth and provide the backup support but management of the server will be in your hands. A reseller option from Hostgator or any of the top 10 web hosting service providers is a good way to start on a small scale and move up gradually.
  4. If you have your own server, it can be housed at a data center and you can tie up with bandwidth providers like or, for instance, which will permit you to have bandwidth for your server and connect it to the Net.
  5. Be prepared to put in time and effort as well as money to advertise your services to get the desired eyeballs and generate response.

These are the basics. There are many new hosting companies that keep cropping up. Many have managed to survive and flourish. There’s no reason why yours will not. Most important, however, is sustaining in the long run. For this you require to have a clear vision and offer your clients smart solutions for their web-hosting needs. You may also choose to carve a niche for yourself as a green web hosting provider or a VPS web hosting service provider or even a dedicated server web hosting provider. Eventually, it is the quality of service that will determine the success of your business, which can be very profitable as numbers grow

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