Ubuntu Operating System-Advantages and Disadvantages of Ubuntu

With more new software applications being made available to a normal computer user, the need for cheaper and better software options is becoming high. Having a legal operating system makes it easy for the user to obtain the updates and perfect protection against malwares from the operating system producers. For many individuals open-source is the best option, as it is legal and free. Ubuntu operating system has become the better option for many users as a replacement for windows operating system. 

Advantages of Ubuntu operating system

1. Ubuntu OS is 100% Free- the operating system is free to download and install, ubuntu operating system is an open source meaning that you can freely distribute it and even edit the code behind the operating system if possible. 

2. The Linux community- the community behind Ubuntu has members who were Microsoft windows users and have personal experience of how hard it is to change from windows to ubuntu operating system. They are ready to assist a new ubuntu user in anyway they can, all a new user has to do is post his/her problem in ubuntu forum and within minutes, you will get answers to the problem. The ubuntu customer service is fast and efficient, and absolutely free.

3. New versions gets released often- unlike any other operating system designing company, ubuntu releases a new version of ubuntu OS, after every six months. The newer version always comes with many updated features and security against malwares. 

4. Ubuntu operating system is easy to use- ubuntu OS is documented well and searches are performed fast and easily. With ubuntu, you can create a dual boot without encountering much problems. With ubuntu, creating a partition and then sharing with other operating system is easy.

5. Integrated software upgrade-tool- Ubuntu operating system has the integrated software upgrade tool which operates smoothly in the background and updates the system plus all the installed applications. Ubuntu also has the “easy ubuntu” which installs every application from flash browser plug-in to video drivers among other applications.      

6. Hardware recognition- ubuntu operating system is compatible with almost every computer and the virtual environment. So you can install ubuntu easily in almost every computer brand available. 

Disadvantages of ubuntu operating system

1. Changing from windows to ubuntu operating system is very hectic; it will require much time to get adapted to ubuntu. The graphic interface of ubuntu is indispensable and you can find problem operating its applications easily. To over come this problem, its advisable to use ubuntu forums.

2. Software incompatibility- windows software’s are designed to operate only with windows operating system and not in non-windows OS. So when using ubuntu, you should be aware that some software’s will not run in ubuntu. Applications must be designed with Linux to be able to run in ubuntu.

3. Hardware incompatibility- even after installing and running ubuntu successfully in your computer, getting some of the hardware to function properly is hard. The main problem is finding the network adapters area when running ubuntu OS. Even with the significant improvement in drivers support, it is still not easy to process drivers in ubuntu as it is in windows and Mac.    

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