Web Hosting Comparison Guide For Beginners

Web Hosting Comparison Data that is shown on a website, such as the images and web pages, must be stored somewhere, to enable anybody who visits your website to able to view the data. A web hosting company provides such services by giving you space on their servers. This is an internet or web hosting service. The following paragraphs give a webhost comparison.

Dedicated Hosting Services
Here, the customer gets to lease a whole server that is not shared. Therefore, the client has complete control of the server implying he can select the operating system, install his personal hardware and software and so on. Certain hosting providers also offer an add on, server administration services. Certain bigger corporations can opt to manage their administrative needs on their own. This is a quite useful solution for large corporations who might have a big amount of data on the servers, which are accessible through their website. It also includes taking safe measures like firewalls to make sure that the data is secure.

Virtual Private Server
With a VPN, a technology called ‘Virtualization’ permits several servers to run on similar physical server. In this case, the server is separated into several servers, each capable of running on its own machine and can be booted independently. Such services are usually less costly compared to other types of server services like dedicated hosting services. Another benefit to customers is the fact that they may install multiple programs on the servers, and run the servers on their websites.

Shared Hosting Services
In this case, multiple sites may be hosted on one server. Every site has an independent separated server space and every owner of the website shares the expenses of hosting among themselves. This is a very cost-effective solution and quite common with those on the Internet who wish to host small and simple websites.

Free Web Hosting
Almost everyone who is on the Internet wish to go for just anything which is available free of charge. Free web hosting often offers a sub-domain on the website domain, like www.subdomain.domainname.com or may be a directory like www.domainname.com/yourdirectory.

Email Hosting Services
This is amongst the most common services offered by several website hosting providers in which the owner of these websites receives a specific e-mail account number with his website address on them like [email protected] in which anyone working for hosting.com has a name of a company domain in their e-mail address. Depending on the plan of the website hosting service one buys, a specific e-mail address number may be used after configuration.

Blog Hosting
Blog hosting, which came up just recently, also features in web hosting comparison. A weblog or a blog is software which has a content management system. Such applications are often available online and can be downloaded and then installed on the servers of the web. Today however, many web hosting services offer plans of pre-installed hosting for blogs; meaning the software has been already installed on servers and one can decide to activate them, should you decide to create a website blog.

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