What Is Search Engine Optimization SEO And How Does It Work?

What is Search Engine Optimization SEO and how does it works? Many people these days, especially those who are running a website, seem to want to know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is and how it works.

An optimization technique which focuses on optimizing web pages to improve the visibility of the site, to generate more traffic and to help the website rank higher in search engine results. Certain “elements” or portion in the HTML code of every webpage is optimized in order to achieve SEO. Depending on how optimally these elements are optimized, since search engines tend to read these portions of web pages, therefore, the website gains a great chance of creating free referral traffic.

A web page can be optimized using a variety of methods. However, the type of site, the content it contains and its purpose will determine what method should be used for optimizing its web pages. Generally, using keyphrases and keywords in the content of the site is what Search Engine Optimization significantly relies on.

Thus, both the TITLE section and the source code of a webpage should contain the keywords. Keywords relevant to the description of the website should be mentioned in the META description. Keyphrases or keywords relevant to the product or services being offered by the site should also be mentioned in the META description too.

Unique keywords should be listed in the source code of every single webpage that are relevant to the content of the page. To maximize Search Engine Optimization, the title of each of the web pages should contain these unique keywords.

The use of keyphrases and keywords is quite important in SEO. Therefore, the content of web pages should liberally contain in the first two paragraphs and a few times throughout the body. The keywords should also be mentioned in the last paragraph of the content as well. Keyword density is another important aspect of SEO, and keywords should always be used in the content within a limit. Excessive and repetitive use of keywords or stuffing the content with keywords should be avoided.

The “H1” and “H2” header fields in every webpage should also contain the keywords too. These headers should, in fact, contain the keyphrases or keywords that are most important

Anchor text and imagine files can also be named with keywords as a means of improving the Search Engine Optimization of a webpage. Anchor texts also help in redirecting visitors to other pages within a website.

Since links are used by search engine spider bots for navigating, therefore, the use of links to and from other external sites known as backlinks, is also an important part of search engine optimization. Keywords can also be used in the text pointing to external sites.

Search Engine Optimization is indeed beneficial when it comes to improving and increasing the ranking of a website, however, it can consume a lot of effort and time. Thus, website owners often hire Search Engine Optimization experts to get their website optimized.

Those wondering, what is Search Engine Optimization SEO and how does it work? It is an excellent technique to drive traffic to a site and elevate its ranking.

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