What is SEO Hosting and How Your Website Benefits From it

What is SEO hosting and why you should follow this method to boost your website’s page rankings? SEO, or search engine optimization, plays an important role in pushing up the page rankings of a website in search engine results. In the past, people used to resort to dubious methods to fool the search engines and thereby increase the page rankings of their website. However, of late, search engines are getting smarter with the inclusion of new algorithms like Penguin and Panda.

The latter, specifically, has strongly hit webmasters who rely on inbound links created either manually or with the help of automated tools. Google has penalized their websites and decreased their page rankings. It is no longer possible to enhance page rankings of a website just with the help of backlinks.

Does this mean that it is no longer possible for someone to increase the page rankings of their website and push it up on search engine rankings? The best option to follow in such options is to opt for SEO hosting. So exactly what is SEO hosting? In a nutshell, this is simply multiple IP hosting. Those familiar with search engine optimization know the value of having their sites look as if they are originating from different locations.

In case a single IP address has lots of domain names pointing towards it, it can decrease the value of the domains in the eyes of the search engines. Let us have a quick look at the different classes of IP addresses. For example, let us take the IP address Label each of these as A, B, C, & D. They are your IP classes. Oftentimes servers can have identical numbers, particularly in class C. Having a lot of it appears suspicious to the search engines. Typically, webmasters make the mistake of hosting multiple domains on the same server. It might be convenient, but is not good for search engine rankings, considering that the search engines can nowadays detect if websites are hosted on a single server and IP. The problems begin when you begin to interlink between domains. The simple solution to resolve this problem is SEO hosting.

Most hosting organizations offer class B and C IP addresses in their packages. This is worthwhile, especially if you have many websites, even though it will cost you more money. If you plan to keep all your domains on the same server, make sure that they assign unique C-classes and IPs to each domain. This helps you to interlink your domains without the fear of being penalized by the search engines.

If you have several domains in a single category, ensure that all domains in an individual category possess a unique C-class IP. This provides you with maximum link power to other websites in your category. By doing so, you gain the trust of the search engines and simultaneously build a long-term solution for your own websites. SEO hosting, combined with multiple C-class IPs can promote your websites to the top of search engine rankings. Ignore obsolete SEO technologies today, opt for multiple C-class IPs and discover how multiple IP hosting help you gain top page rankings in all search engines.

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