What Is Web Hosting?

It is the process of making web pages and web sites available to a lot of users. In some cases, it is also referred to as web space simply because web space is what is being sold via the internet for people to host their website. The unit for measuring web space is megabytes just as the measurement of desktop PC space.

Web hosting for Beginners: Why do you need web hosting? Your desktop PC can be connected to the internet and be able to serve pages. However it’s impractical because most home internet connections do not have sufficient power to cater for a lot of users simultaneously. This fact has necessitated the presence of web hosting companies. They create and service powerful web servers. They can also link their servers to the internet via powerful connections which allows a lot of web users to reach other web pages at the same time. If you want to create a website, web hosting is beneficial since web servers and other necessary connections are very expensive.

How can you choose the right web hosting service? There are various types of web hosting that are designed to cater for various needs. A two-page setup of a website warrants a little web hosting package in comparison to multinational site setup accessed by many users. There are major differences in web hosting packages offered by various companies. Here are some tips on web hosting for beginners .

The quantity of web space: This means the quantity of web space the hosting firm will enable you to use for the given website. There are variations from as little as 50 megabytes mark to 100 or 200 megabytes. For larger websites, 50MB is usually enough. Some web hosting firms provide enhanced space; they are in a position to provide this since they are aware that most websites fall below 50 MB. Email addresses number: This is the number of email addresses that the hosting firm will allow you to possess. It’s always from 1 to 10 email addresses for budget accounts and even more than 250 addresses for high level accounts.

Data transfer or bandwidth: It’s always misplaced; however, it’s very worthwhile when your website begins to attract a lot of attention from web users. It refers to the data quantity a given website is able to transmit to users. For example, if a web page is 10KB and an internet user accesses it, you shall have employed 10KB of bandwidth. When 10 users ask for the page, you will have employed 100KB of bandwidth. Bandwidth is measured on a monthly basis.

A lot of small web sites need less than five gigabytes of bandwidth a month. You are therefore able to serve 52,000 web pages a month if the pages are 10KB on average. Bandwidth overage: Another factor that arises is when you surpass the bandwidth that is allotted to you. This is commonly referred to as bandwidth overage. When this takes place, some firms may switch your web site off. Other firms would most likely require extra bandwidth charges, meaning higher rates compared to the normal monthly hosting prices.

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