Why WordPress Is The Content Management System Of Choice

If you are planning to build up a site or even just to start blogging, one platform that many would recommend for use is WordPress. It is said to be great for use for any kind of website that you could be thinking of and its credibility is boosted by the fact that there are some big names on the internet that use WordPress, such as CNN and eBay. This is why, for anyone planning to start a website, and use WordPress, we would not want you to go and just use it blindly, but it would be important if you got to know why WordPress is the content management system of choice.

For one, WordPress allows you to be able to provide you with the option of being able to have different types of content on your site being specified to different templates for the pages. This is something that would look really appealing on your site, and with the latest version of WordPress, it is possible to also come up with custom post types. This makes it quite simple to create an Event Page right from the menu ‘admin’.

Getting high search engine rankings is something that is a priority of many web developers at the moment, and Search Engine Optimization is really a big thing. When it comes to WordPress, it is already set up to be SEO friendly, as it would use Meta and title tags, and also permalinks that would be based on the content on your site. All you would then need to ensure is that you have good copy writing, and you would be quite okay when it comes to SEO. However, for more control of the SEO of your site, install the Head Space plug-in.

There are some things that, despite WordPress being great, it is not able to do, but you might find it necessary to do those things. Plug-ins thus become quite necessary and you would find that when it comes to WordPress, there are many that are available so as to enhance the functionality of your site. The Plug-ins are not at all a complicated affair, as installation is just as easy as clicking a button, and their update is also as simple, because you would be informed when your plug-in is available in a newer version, and then you would just click a button again for it to get installed.

There are also some widgets that you could use in your site so as to arrange elements in a manner you find more suitable, and the interface in this case works in a drag and drop manner. There are widgets that come already installed into WordPress but just like the plug-ins, getting others and installing them is not a complicated process at all.

Generally, the reason why WordPress is the content management system of choice is because it is quite simple to use, and this is well illustrated in the individual points above. You would not need to have knowledge of HTML coding for you to be able to come up with a good site.

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